Book your next Paint Party with us. Whether you are having a small gathering or a large corporate event, we have got you covered. Great for Birthdays, Fundraising, Company Parties, Art Therapy and more. Contact us to book yours today.
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Once you have figured you are ready to have a blast at your own paint party, there are a few steps in order to book your party.

First, think about a date and location and time. If you do no have a location contact and we have several establishments we are partnered with for you to host your party.

Contact us to pay your $60 booking fee. Call or email us and make sure we are available the date and time you are requesting. Once we have confirmed we are available we accept the booking fee through Paypal or Cashapp. Once you pay the booking fee the date is locked in.

Think of a Theme. Think of a picture you want to paint if you dont select one from our selection. Keep in mind pictures you send that are other artists' work can not be duplicated. We can make up our version of the picture. Once a picture is agreed on we will provide a sample of what we created.

Once we have all these specifics worked out , there is no more to do until the day of the party. The day of the party the following guidelines are followed:

10 person minimum for private parties-$25 per person

20 person minimum for Joint Parties with other businesses- $20 per person

20 person minimum for Fundraising- $20 per person

How to Book a Party

What we provide:

16 x 20 Inch canvas
table top easels
all brushes
cups for water

Our Party Pictures
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